Magenetic Messaging Review

My Review

My favourite thing about this program is that it is a fully developed system. Once you buy magnetic messaging, you have made that primary investment which gives you access to a sequence of text messages that cover every situation imaginable. The magnetic system advises you when to send text messages at the correct time to gain girls interest. It is a type of encyclopedia guidebook to the inner workings of flirting via text message.

How Does The System work?

The most vital aim of this medium is to be capable of exploiting the modern woman’s chaotic and busy lifestyle, it gives you the power to stay in contact in a world thats increasingly more disconnected. With some magnetic messaging examples, It is possible to still be funny and charming while it breaks down the confusion some guys experience while they text. So it eliminates that aspect of “oh my god what did i say” and leaves you with confident peace of mind. It is very a very bad habit to make women bored if they are taking the time to message you, thats why this program leaves guidelines to keep a woman interested. This product allows a man to be capable to write amazing and well organised text alerts that make the women bust into moments of love and joy.

The main goal of messaging is to create a bond with the woman early so that you can propagate on these early feelings of romance. This messaging idea makes sure that the lady at all times considers you as an outstanding candidate for a relationship. This makes them not only interested but longing to see you, communicate with you and even long to share their days with you. Such romantic feelings make them more magnetised to you and finally fall madly in love with you.

The Pros

It is simple to download and use: It can be found simply in the internet and usage is very simple. One is therefore relieved from the pressure of top research on how to discuss to a lady.

A big and very helpful community: The idea is used by many people thus obtaining more detail and assistance is simple since they are very many discussion boards within the forum.

Save money and time: since it can be found simply then fewer is spent in research.

There is a full guaranteed feedback: One is assured of taking their communication with a lady to another stage. This therefore solves the issue of losing contact before any large intimacy is achieved.

the Cons

The just con of this product is that it only works for a user who has been already in relationship with a lady. One therefore has to contact this product is useless for him.

Even though this program is aimed to all men around the globe but not all of them will got the same feedback. But it is assured that this program will support you to get your dream.

How To Evaluate Your First Date

It is not an unknown fact that the first date is the most crucial part of the dating process. It is where everything is assessed and determined whether a second date is a must. On your first date, it is a must that you gather as much information about the personality and characteristic of the person sitting your table. Ask questions that are relevant to you, and ask your date about the things that are important to him or her. With the kind of information that you have, it would be easy for you to make an assessment of your date after both of you have parted ways.

If you are on the process of assessing your date, here are some questions that you should not fail to ask yourself:

Your Immediate Reaction. What did you feel when you first laid eyes on your date? Did you feel butterflies in your stomach? Did the wind sing happy songs in your ear? Did you find your date physically appealing and inviting? Does your date appear to have good composure? Did he or she gave time grooming himself or herself before showing up? These questions are answered the moment you set eyes on your date. If you can, try to notice every detail of him or her, but don’t be too obvious about it. You don’t want your date to be scared of you. Remember to ask yourself the questions mentioned above to give you guidance when assessing your date.

Eye Contact. It is important that eye contact is maintained whenever you are having a conversation. If your date does not seem to give his or her attention to you, instead, is looking around. You might want to consider not seeing your date the second time around. So, ask yourself whether he or she is maintaining eye contact to you, or if his or her eyes are wandering around.

Genuine Interest. Determine whether your date is showing genuine interest towards you. Does his or her body language tell you that he is interested? Is he or she leaning forward to hear you more clearly? Is your date’s posture open or closed? Is he or she being attentive whenever you speak? Does he ask you follow up questions about what you have discussed?

Humour. Life is serious enough not to have some sense of humour. Determine whether your date is easy to laugh, or if he or she laughs at your punch lines. Having fun and being able to appreciate fun is important in a relationship. You have to remember that life outside your relationship can be challenging, and you don’t want the same kind of challenge waiting for you when you see your special someone. You have to remind yourself to determine whether your date is not socially awkward, and if he or she can handle a conversation.

Conversation. Speaking of conversation, you have to determine whether your date is balancing your conversation. Does he or she ask you questions as much as he or she talks about himself or herself? You should remember that you are on your first date, and both of you should equally share information. If your date does not seem to care about you, then it’s a red flag. In addition, determine whether your date’s tone of conversation is leaning towards pessimistic or optimistic, or negative or positive. You should also remember to ask about your date about his or her aspirations, dreams, and plans. This will help you assess if a future together is possible.texting-women

Intimacy. Is your date talking too much about being intimate or sex on your first date? If so, this should tell you that your date puts emphasis and priority on sex over everything else. You should determine the type of relationship your date is seeking before you decide to move on to the next level.

The Total Package. At the end of your date, you should be able to give a sound rating, which would determine whether a second date is a green light. Rate your date based on the entire experience. Ask yourself whether you can rate your date as a 10, 5, 1, or somewhere in between.

Of course, there are more questions that you can ask yourself about how your first date went, but the questions stated above should give you an outline of how things are going to be between you and your date. You just have to remember to notice and observe.

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