A Guide to Magnetic Messaging


You went out on a date. You thought it was great. You even kissed her good night and let it linger. She even gave you her number.

When you text her the next day, she didn’t reply. You’d ask, “What did I do wrong?”

If she didn’t reply to your first text, ignored your text about going out on a second date, or vanished after you sent her several texts for days, it’s obvious that she does not like you. She does not want to go out on another date with you.

You can reverse this fortune with the help of Magnetic Messaging. This is the communication guide that will teach you how not to repel girls, but to attract them instead.

The Authors – Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

The Magnetic Messaging eBook was created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Rio is the main author of the guide. He is also the founder of one of the top online magazines for lifestyle and dating advice. Before this eBook, he has already written several books, such as “Control Her Attention: 9 Tools to Supercharge a Conversation and Never Run Out of Things to Say,” “Make Her Beg You to Bang Her,” and “The Shy Guy’s Guide to Talking to Girls.” Rio specializes in teaching boring and shy guys turn into fun and interesting guys to attract hot girls.

Rob Judge is also a successful dating coach online. He started coaching in 2008 with the RSD Nation. A year later, he was named one of the “Top 10 Pickup Artists” in the world and even reached #7 on the PUA’s list of the best dating coaches. He also wrote “Date Hotter Girls,” one of his most popular books.

What is Magnetic Messaging?

This is a dating guide that will teach you how to attract girls and retain their attention. It teaches the basics in using text messaging to woo girls. It can be downloaded online once you buy it, which will save you time compared to having to wait for the delivery of a physical book.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. It makes sense that you should know how to seduce girls not only in person, but via text as well. Writing the right text messages is now a key dating skill these days. If you want to win her heart, you should know how to use the right techniques.

The eBook is designed for newbies in the dating field, although the tricks taught in the eBook can be used in several situations.

With this dating guide, you will know how to communicate confidently with women. You will learn how to be the man the women want to go after.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques in his eBook, don’t be surprised if women chase after you. They will always be excited to go out with you.

Their techniques for every dating situation possible in this dating eBook, such as when it’s your first time dating her, when you know her but you’ve never dated before, and when you’re at a level to communicate and understand each other.

This guide aims to give you the following results:

  • Connecting with the woman you like
  • Appealing to her emotions
  • Handling logistics for your dates

What Makes Magnetic Messaging Different?

There are a lot of pickup guides on the Internet these days. However, many of them only work as generic guides, but Magnetic Messaging’s techniques are different.

It is a text-based dating manual that uses a different approach to attracting and dating women. It works as a pick-up instructional, not a full dating manual. However, it still contains enough advice that proves useful in managing a relationship.

According to a Magnetic Messaging review, this eBook is different from the other dating manuals out there because of its techniques and recommended methods of execution. It teaches you how to make powerful text messages, but it discourages using messaging templates that sound bland and boring. It molds you to write messages that show your personality and messages that make you stand out from the usual pickup messages that women receive from other men.

Rio and Judge, the authors, put more importance on customization. If you don’t know how to write unique texts, the other tricks included in the eBook won’t have any effect on the girls.

As you go through the eBook, you might notice that the text samples used in the guide do not apply to your situation. This is because you have to create your own messages. Customization is necessary for the messages to be effective. Your text messages should go through to the woman you are trying to date.

Moreover, you should know what type of girl you’re sending the text messages to and write them according to her personality. Learn how to pick the right words to use in your texts to communicate effectively with her.

If you’ve mastered the basics of crafting text messages, then you can move on to learning advanced messaging techniques. The guide contains techniques for texting, dirty talking, and even sending nude photos of each other, depending on the level of dating you’re in. However, these advanced techniques were only discussed as highlights without all the nitty-gritty details because the guide focuses more on the texting tricks more suitable for beginners.

Essential Things and Techniques to Learn

There are several important things that you will learn from reading the Magnetic Messaging eBook, such as the following:

  • How the phone game works. According to the eBook, there are three parts in the phone game process, including the initial meeting, phone game, and the date itself.

It is during the phone game stage that guys usually commit a lot of mistakes. If you want to get a date and hold onto her or have her chase after you, you need to understand how attractive communication should be done.

You have to have these three important components in a phone game – invoking emotion, making a connection, and handling logistics. The wrong components that should be eliminated from the game include being polite, asking questions, making small talk, and providing explanations, among others.

The eBook encourages you not to let your desire control what you should text to avoid going off course.

It is important that you flirt with her, spark emotions in her, and let her have fun when you text each other. The eBook has all the right tools to make the exchange more enjoyable for both parties, so she will always have a reason to reply to your text messages.

  • How to date her. With Magnetic Messaging, you don’t have to wait for three days to stay in touch with the girl. According to Rio and Judge, most girls want to be contacted within two days. This is based on the survey conducted by Dating Metrics with 100 women respondents.

The eBook also suggests not sending her more than two messages without proposing a date.

This is a bit risky, especially if you didn’t even connect with her in the first place. But what’s important here is that you should take every opportunity to take her out on a date when you find one.

Even if she replies with a “who is this” text, the eBook still offers a fun way to save you from the embarrassing situation.

You might be surprised just how quick they are to suggest a date, but you will not lose your way as long as you follow their methods.

  • Key-lock sequence. This is a three-text sequence to get a date and avoid the text-buddy zone. If you don’t want to be placed in the friend zone, this section is perfect for you. You will learn how to spark emotions, connect with her, and handle logistics.
  • Low interest girls. The eBook suggests that you should be persistent and playful with your texts even if the girl doesn’t seem interested in you. However, it doesn’t mean that you should be clingy. You shouldn’t make a big deal out of the fact that she is not replying to your texts. In fact, the guide will show you how you can change that disinterested girl into someone who’s excited to see in the next few dates to come. The authors do it by teaching you how to craft an edgy text that gets her to reply to you even after two weeks of not replying to any of your texts.

This is one of the great things about the eBook, according to a Magnetic Messaging review. It shows text-for-text examples so you can easily understand what the authors mean with each trick that they teach you. Even if you still need to customize your texts to suit your personality and that of the girl, you can still learn a lot from the text samples.

They even make a case study of a hot girl who starts out seemingly interested in you when you met at the bar, only to ignore your texts the next day. This is not an unusual case though, because many girls tend to exchange numbers with hot guys in a club, without the intention of seeing them again. If you have encountered too many girls like this in your life, you will know exactly what to do after reading this eBook.

If you’re always dealing with excuses from girls not to see you, such as how they’re sick or busy with work, the eBook also presents techniques on how to overcome these excuses and get the girls to stop using them on you.

  • How to handle the girl you’re sort of dating. If you are sort of dating the girl, there is another approach that you should use when you text her. You can make her feel good about dating you by focusing more on connecting with her. You can show her what you feel and develop a rapport with her through text with the help of this guide.
  • How to text her after sex. If you’re not any good at texting her the day after you first slept together, you will finally get a clue about what to do with this guide. The eBook shows tips on how to make the girl feel comfortable with you and build her trust in you. It teaches you how to communicate with her so she wouldn’t feel like you’re just after her for sex.

Magnetic messaging also teaches you how to banter with her and compliment her without making it seem like you’re ass-kissing, how to make her feel excited about getting to know you better, and how to make her laugh without behaving like a clown.

  • How to text her when you’re dating her. When you’re already dating her, you should use more banter, more humor, and more sexting. These are important factors that can spice up your relationship.

If you’ve always failed in sending flirtatious texts or knowing the right timing, don’t worry. The eBook will teach you all of these things and more. It will show you the typical cues that should tell you when to start flirting, when to make inside jokes, or when to start sexting her.

  • Sexting. The methods used in the eBook about sexting are all organic. They even dared to include tricks on how to get her to say yes to a threesome. If you love sending her dirty photos of you and would like her to do the same, you will learn how to ask her that without offending her. The eBook knows how to make the move seem like a natural one, given that you’re already dating. It will be even more exciting once you’ve read this part of the eBook yourself.

Pros and Cons

If you are confused about whether this eBook is worth buying or not, you might want to know about its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages that you will get from Magnetic Messaging include the following:

  • It teaches with texting case studies. These make the entire eBook easier to understand. At least you don’t have to rely on your own imagination when you read the guide. You will learn a lot from the text samples that you will find in it. It will be easier for you to execute the methods that Rio and Judge advocate when it comes to texting girls because of those samples.
  • It covers so many dating and texting situations. It has all the right moves for a lot of situations, such as when she doesn’t reply, when she keeps making excuses not to see you, when she has not text you for weeks, and more. The eBook has a solution for each situation.
  • It is an easy read. Many readers even consider the eBook hilarious, which makes it easier to finish. You can also apply their texting tricks without much of a struggle.
  • It helps you avoid bad habits. Once you read the eBook, you might be surprised at just how many things you’ve done wrong.
  • It comes with a bonus material. Aside from the main eBook itself, you will also get “99 Best Texts of All Time.” This can give you new ideas when you’re running out of ideas on what to text her.

However, the texting guide also has a few disadvantages, such as the following:

  • It has a relatively thin Part 3. However, the dating guide has always promoted itself not as a full dating guide, but as an instructional manual on what you should do to win in the phone game. It focuses more on how to use text messaging to get dates.
  • It has some disorganized parts. Some parts of the eBook might be confusing.
  • It leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sexting. However, this eBook has always been about texting to get more and more face to face interactions, instead of action that is limited only on the phone.

Value for Money

If you look at all the techniques and tricks that you will get from the Magnetic Messaging eBook and all for $47, you will certainly get value for money from it. The price is reasonable, especially if you think about the bonuses that you will get with the guide, such as “The 99 Best Texts of All Time.” Just like the eBook, you can also download the bonus online. There is also a bonus video training on how to make a girl fall for you and what the 12 best conversation topics are.


Magnetic Messaging is the perfect reference that will never run out of its usage because you can open it every time you text a girl whom you like. It will take you from getting a girl’s attention, asking her out, keeping the relationship exciting, and even sexting.

If you want to master texting to seduce her and make her chase after you instead of the other way around, buying this eBook might be a good investment for you. It will certainly help you raise your phone game in the future.